Use of Cookies

We use so-called cookies on our website. Cookies are text files that allow us to make your visit to our website as comfortable as possible. This includes, for example, the default settings for the presentation of our website or the functions of the shopping basket, as well as the possibility of a unified registration, so that you only have to register on our website once, even when you want to use the offers of our partner products. The cookies contain a clear combination of letters/numbers that identifies the browser program used by you.

These cookies are temporarily stored on your computer and transmitted only to our server when you visit our website. We mainly use session cookies, which are not stored on your hard drive and are deleted when the browser is closed or after longer periods of inactivity. Only for the purchase you choose and for the function "Remember Me," a permanent cookie will be stored, which will expire within 30 days of your last visit to our website.

You can view and delete the cookies stored on your computer, and control the way cookies are generally treated through your internet browsing program settings. We recommend that you leave the cookies activated to benefit from all the features of our website.

Website Function Cookies

We use functional cookies:
• Necessary for the operation of the shopping cart and checkout
• For your connection to the site
• If you have accepted the terms and conditions
• Third party functions

Social Website Cookies

We use cookies so that you can share or like our pages.

All partner services adhere to confidentiality laws

Visitor Statistics Cookies
We use cookies necessary for statistical data.

Advertising Cookies
Cookies necessary for advertising or ad integration.

Remarketing Cookies
You may often see an increased number of advertisements after visiting our site. We use an anonymous way of targeting ads with the “remarketing cookie”
They used oftenly from HubSpot Lead Management; PayPal; Cloudflare; Matomo; HubSpot CRM; Google Tag Manager; Google Fonts; Google Analytics with anonymized IP; Google Analytics 4.,7Pinterest Ads ; Meta Events Manager ; Query Click; Welect; Pinterest account access; Pinterest OAuth; Google Optimize ; Google Optimize 360.

Depending on the type of browser, you can find out about the management of cookies from the following:
(a) (Chrome).
(b) (Firefox).
(c) (Opera).
(d) (Internet Explorer).
(e) (Safari).
f) (Edge).