Sustainable Development & Social Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Respecting the environment as both management and working staff Heaven Hotel recognizes the importance of protecting the environment. It has therefore adapted various aspects of its operation to contribute to this cause.

Our environmental policy is holistic and starts from the accommodation and catering services to the management of the pool and the outdoor environment facilities of the hotel.

Energy Consumption Saving

  1. Existence of a solar thermal system (vacuum pumps) uses solar energy to produce hot water. This way, it covers 100% of its needs during the summer and a huge part during the winter.
  2. Heat pumps (water/air) of the latest technology for heating and cooling the hotel. Air-to-water heat pumps use the energy of the ambient air to produce heating and cooling.
  3. Use specialized magnetic cards (key cards) at the entrance of all rooms to cut off the electricity when the room is not in use, except for the refrigerator.
  4. Operation of motion detection sensors, timers, or photocells to regulate the lighting time of the common areas.
  5. Use of low-consumption and energy-saving lamps for lighting the facilities (rooms, internal common areas, offices, external areas, etc.).
  6. Use of electrical and electronic devices, energy efficient, with certified low energy consumption (Energy class A).
  7. Regularly maintain the air conditioners in all rooms and the existing burners - boilers in the hotel.
  8. Existence of thermostats in every hotel room for the control and autonomy of the system heating or air conditioning.
  9. Adequate thermal insulation of the hotel unit.
  10. Maintenance records of the facilities of the hotel unit.
  11. Continuous information and prompting of the staff to save water and energy.

Water Saving - Water Quality Assurance

  1. Water supply to the hotel unit from a legally licensed source (public water supply network).
  2. Encouraging customers to reuse towels and sheets for their stay beyond one (1) night stay.
  3. Installation of a particular water softening-desalination system for better quality drinking water and less use of cleaning agents.
  4.  Operation of an active water consumption meter system in the building so that it is detected and even the most minor leak is repaired immediately.
  5. Informing the staff of the hotel unit and its customers about the possibilities of existing water-saving systems.
  6. Compliance with a drinking water quality monitoring system.
  7. Regular inspection for maintenance and leaks.
  8. Continuous information and prompting of the staff to save water.
  9. Exploitation of rainwater for watering the garden.

Waste management

  1. Implementation of recycling program:

α) Paper
b) Plastic
c) Glass
d) Aluminum
e) Batteries
f) Cooking Oils

2. Implement a composting program for organic waste: food residues, pruning, etc.

3. Use environmentally friendly detergents to serve the daily needs of the hotel unit.

Environmental Management

  1. All operating licenses of the hotel unit are valid
  2. Installation of an electrolysis system in the engine room of the pool to produce the chemicals required for people and the environment. of chlorine from its already existing salt water, resulting in the non-use of harmful additives.
  3. Use by the hotel's Housekeeping department of certified ecological detergents.
  4. Notification to all staff of the hotel's political operation, oriented towards protecting the environment, so that everyone acts together under a common axis.
  5. Organization of staff training on environmental management issues.
  6. Propose our hotel's customers recycle various materials such as the hotel's) batteries, inks, etc. (Update via the brochure you are reading now – deposit or reception area).
  7. Informing customers of the efforts made within the framework of the hotel's operation to protect the environment and motivating them so that they, in turn, adopt ecological practices both during their stay and in their daily lives.
  8. Adherence to a specific procurement program (e.g., local products, certified suppliers).
  9. Compliance with the commitment to prohibit smoking in the common areas of the hotel unit.

Chlorine-free pool

We have installed a chlorine-free but saltwater pool cleaning system to ensure the best possible quality for guests. This way, a much higher level of user and environmental friendliness is provided while at the same time keeping all the necessary quality standards intact.

Strengthening the Local Economy

Heaven Hotel, being a business - a trademark of the broader area in the suburbs of Thessaloniki, with a long-standing presence in the Hospitality sector, takes care to maintain a stable supply chain from local producers, ensuring a high-quality index in the products it offers to its guests, while at the same time feeding local businesses, boosting the local economy.