A trademark of Thessaloniki. The historical monument of the city, dating from the era of Ottoman rule, was originally a place of imprisonment for criminals and dissidents. Today it is a museum to be visited and a symbol of the unity of the citizens of Thessaloniki.

The well-known "Kamara" is a brilliant remnant of the famous palaces of the Roman emperor Galerius. In the heart of the city, next to other important ancient monuments of the center that you can admire by going down Dimitriou Gounari Street, the Arch of Galerius is one of the most popular meeting points in Thessaloniki.

The imposing presence of the ancient and Byzantine walls around the Northwest side of Thessaloniki evokes awe and admiration. Stroll around the area and let the panoramic view of the city transport you to other seasons and moods.

In the center of the city, built over its ancient cemetery, the Archaeological Museum houses impressive collections of ancient relics and exhibits that tell you the whole history of the area. Learn about the Macedonian kings' culture,
Alexander the Great, and many other brilliant empires.

Ano Poli

The old Byzantine Thessaloniki is the most beautiful and picturesque neighborhood of Thessaloniki. Near the center of modern Thessaloniki, Ano Poli has preserved its Macedonian character thanks to its remarkable architecture and narrow cobbled streets. It has famous hangouts and taverns with traditional dishes.

The Rotunda, the circular vaulted building a few meters above the Kamara, has passed through many eras, serving each one with its different uses. First, it was built as a temple of Zeus, turned into a mausoleum, then a mosque, and most recently functioned as a Christian temple. Today it is a museum open to the public.

This is another important museum in the heart of the city. With a visit to the Museum of Byzantine Culture, you can mentally transport yourself to the Byzantine era and discover the magic of those years in its 11 separate rooms with impressively brilliant exhibits.

Vlatadon Monastery

Above the walls of the Ano Poli is the famous Vlatadon Monastery, the only Byzantine monastery that still operates within the city, with an endless view of Thessaloniki and the Thermaic Gulf. Tour the area and discover its picturesque haunts as the different eras blend into one exquisite present.

The Lazarist Monastery, the former monastery of the monks of the order of Saint Vincent, is located west of the center near Lagada Avenue. Today the renovated place is operating as a cultural and music event venue.

The State Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the Lazaristes Monastery in Stavroupoli with many works of art and the famous "Georgio Kostakis" collection.


Traditional and beautiful, the picturesque Tsinari Square is located on the southwest border of Ano Poli. In its famous taverns, you can enjoy traditional dishes away from the hustle and bustle of the center but so close to the heart of the modern city.

In 1979 it was inaugurated as the first modern Art Museum in the country. Since then, it has presented unique exhibits worldwide and an impressive permanent collection of contemporary art. You will find it on the south side of TIF in the city center.

The Museum of Photography is located on the first pier of the port of Thessaloniki. There you will discover rich photographic material that narrates through fantastic images the city's history and the art of photography itself.

Aigai, also known as the Royal Capital of the Macedonians, was the first capital of ancient Macedonia. It served as the center of politics and ceremonies for the dynasty of Macedonian kings, hosting an array of ancient monuments and magnificent burial sites, including the famous tombs that contain the grave of Philip II. Today, the area is an important archaeological and tourist destination, offering a unique glimpse into the history and culture of ancient Macedonia.

The Petralona Cave, one of the most significant speleological and paleoanthropological sites in Northern Greece, is located in Halkidiki, about 50 km from the city of Thessaloniki. It offers a unique exploration experience through impressive chambers. Adjacent to the cave is the Petralona Cave Museum, which houses findings from excavations and provides information on the history and significance of the cave.

On the way to Thermi, you will come across the "Noesis" science dissemination center and technology museum. It has operated since 1978 and belongs to the city's essential attractions.

Just 5 kilometers from our hotel, the Mediterranean Cosmos is one of Southeast Europe's largest shopping centers and one of the most popular meeting points for young and old in Thessaloniki. In the impressive Mall of the complex, you can shop, go to the cinema, sit down to eat and drink and spend quality time with your loved ones.

The country's largest water park is in the Heaven Hotel Thessaloniki neighborhood. Spread over 150 acres, Waterland is the land of ultimate refreshing fun for young and old Waterslides, rivers, a wave pool, and a petting zoo await you for a dip in play and wild fun.

Close to Heaven Hotel The Polis conference center is located in Thessaloniki. Established in the event space for many years, Polis Convention Center is known for its comfortable venues and excellent service. Its experienced team responds to every social event, either winter or summer, hosting weddings, baptisms, conferences, and other social events.


In the broader area of our hotel, you will find many football fields, regular and 5x5, ideally designed for sports lovers. Contact our hotel's reception to make a booking for you and enjoy endless moments of sports practice and entertainment.

Tennis Club

Do you play tennis? Take advantage of every day of your favorite sports activity! The options in clubs and tennis courts in our hotel's area are several, and all of them are wonderful. Just ask us to book you a course and enjoy your game.


Lovers of extreme sports can select between two motocross tracks in the area of our hotel, in Panorama of Thessaloniki and Nea Gonia, Halkidiki.

Εξορμήσεις για Μπάνιο

Heaven Hotel's location is ideal for day trips and excursions to Halkidiki. Plan your visit to the enchanting beaches of Halkidiki while enjoying your stay at our hotel.